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The band BANK emerged in the Polish Silesian town Środa Śląska near Wrocław, the first band consisted of musicians from various rock bands from Wrocław, Poznań and Warsaw:  

• Miroslaw Bielawski - voc  
• Piotr Iskrowicz - guit  
• Miroslaw Gral - guit  
• Roman Iskrowicz - bass  
• Marek Biliński - keyb
Krzysztof Krzyśków - dr

After two weeks of rehearsals, the first recording session on Polish Radio Wrocław was realized. The first success of the band was the third place with the recording of "Lustrzany świat" / "The Mirror World" on the eighth national Polish Radio competition for a song for young people.
After signing a contract with Szczecin's Artistic Agency, the band began to perform all over Poland, winning the hearts of rock fans. Participation in big events: "ROCK SESSION", "ROCKORAMA" or "DISCO GIGANT" in Spodek in Katowice let the Bank down to Festiwal w Opolu / Opole Festival, where in 1981 it presented itself at the "Rock Opole" concert of the festival audience.
Shortly afterwards, the Bank went on a nationwide tour under the wings of Pagart, which became a great commercial success, which resulted in the recording of the long-playing record "I am the master of the world" for Polskie Nagrania Muza in October 1981.
The album was sold in a record circulation of 960.000 copies, according to Polish conditions (status April 1983). At the same time two singles of the band "Nie ma rzeczy niemożliwe" / "Jestem panem świata" / "I am the master of the world" and "Rozbij bank" / "Wielki wóz" were released.
Since 1982 Przemyslaw Niemiec has been playing the drums, who quickly adapted to the band. A new album "C ciągle ktoś mówi coś" was recorded immediately in Szczecin's Polish Radio studio. It was released on a cassette tape by Polmark in a circulation of 450 thousand. The songs from this session "Ciągle ktoś mówi coś" (Continuously Someone Says Something) and "Mija czas i nic" / "Time passes and nothing" were long topped the Television Hits List.
The band, which is a typical concert formation rarely presented on the radio air in those years, played a lot in Poland, filling amphitheatres and large concert halls and took part in several tours to Czechoslovakia and GDR.
In April 1983, the Bank was honoured with the "Golden Record" of Polish Recordings for its album "Jestem panem świata" (I am the master of the world), which is a confirmation of its popularity, although after selling such a record number of media it should have been "Platinum Record".
The Bank resumed its operations in Berlin in 1999, where it recorded a new album entitled "Where Time Lives" in the "Black Woolf" studio. The band is in the old lineup and the keyboard parts are played by Rainer Eissing. The album was released in 2000. Ballads from this album "Where Time Lives", "Touches" or "Today You and I" prove the good form of the band.
In 2001 another album "The Best of..." was released on the market, which contains hits of the band from the 80s in new versions, such as "Tell me something about yourself", "Still someone says something" and "I am the master of the world".
In the following years the band performed in Poland as well as in Berlin, where in April 2006 they celebrated their 25th anniversary in the club "Ernst".
In February 2007 Metal Mind Productions released on CDs a reissue of the first (golden) album of the Bank "I am the master of the world" and a cassette tape "Ciągle ktoś mówi coś".
On the 26th of August 2007, at the city stadium in Środa Śląska near Wrocław, an official concert of the 25th anniversary of the band took place.
On 01 September 2007 BANK played a concert at the "WEHIKUŁ CZASU" Festival in Lubin.
On 11 April 2008 the band BANK was a guest in the TV program "Wideoteka Dorosłego Człowieka" / "Adult Man's Videoteoteque", the surprise of the program was the arrival of Marek Biliński. After the programme, the musicians decided to play together.
On 17 April 2008 BANK graced the opening of Second Wrocław with their 45 min. virtual concert.
On 2 February 2009, a new album of the band "Złoty Pył" / "Golden Dust" was released.
On 21 September 2013 the band played at the second edition of the charity concert "GRAMY DLA" (Foundation Anna Dymna-known actress in Poland) at UFA Fabrik
in Berlin.
On 22 / 23 February 2014 the band recorded 4 songs in RecPublica Studios in Lubrza (Lubuskie province) for a new album.
On 26.08.2014 the band's new videoclip with the song "Weź mnie w ramiona" was recorded in the club "Zaklęte Rewiry" in Wrocław.
On 13.09.2015 at the event "Wine Feast in the City of Treasures" organized by the Mayor of Środa Śląska Mr. Adam Ruciński, the band celebrated 35 years of their artistic work with their concert.
On 17.06.2017 the Bank played in Lubin under the media patronage of Radio Plus a charity concert "Rock Playing" on the occasion of Brother Albert's Day.
On 02.07.2017 the Bank played in Hajnówka at the event "Holiday Concert" organized by the Hajnówka Cultural Centre.
On 11.07.2018 an agreement was signed with the Film Studio "Kadr", on the basis of which the Bank's work "Psychonerwica" was used in the Polish sensational and criminal series "Rojst" directed by Jan Holoubek, produced by Showmax.
On 25.10.2018, the Bank group appeared on TVP3 Wroclaw in the program "Fakty o Poranku" / "Facts in the Morning", and on 26.10.2018 in the morning, conducted live broadcast of Radio Wroclaw.
On 25.05.2019, at the event "Dni Środy Śląskiej" / "Silesian Wednesday Days", the band celebrated 40 years of their artistic work with their concert.

Band composition:

• Miroslaw Bielawski - voc  
• Piotr Iskrowicz - guit
• Miroslaw Gral - guit
• Marek Mosiej - keyb, voc
• Roman Iskrowicz - bass
• Przemysław Niemiec - dr / keyb

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